Buying into the debate………

This week, one of the high profile stories here has been Deborah Hutton and her decision to have sunspots and scars Photo-shopped out of a nude cover for an Australian magazine.

So, here’s my take:

1> The woman is 50, and looks damn good – Photoshop or no!

2> She was still recognizable as herself.

3> It was HER decision.

4> She removed sunspots and scars – whoopee!

I saw on a ‘news’ show the other night, several high profile women saying that she should have left the sunspots and scars visible, because then she was presenting an accurate and honest image.  Right.  So, someone who is in the public eye all the time, should never wear makeup, never have botox, or fillers, or anything else and should never wear clothes that hide body parts they dislike – untouched bare faces and lycra all around?

I can tell you now, if I was going on the cover of a national magazine in the nuddy, I’d be calling for Photoshop – and not (just) for the squishy bits.  I’d want my dark under-eye circles minimised (not erased, I would want to look like me), and the 4 inch scar on my right shoulder obliterated.  They may be part of me, but they are parts I don’t like a whole lot, so why (should said event occur) would I not want them made less visible, particularly when the image will be preserved for a long time, and will be seen by a lot of people?

Not a snowflakes chance in Hell of me rejecting Photoshop in that instance, and I defy anyone else to knock it back, if faced with that particular conundrum.

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Moet taste on a a tap water budget: skincare.

It is a known fact that I am not much of a shopper – I actually don’t really like shopping.  I do however like skincare and makeup; I like to play, if not necessarily purchase.

If I had the budget, I would use Ole Henriksen (Princess Mary of Denmark is a fan, as is my friend K at The Pink Powderpuff), I love the way his products make my skin feel.  Sadly, even at US prices, they are too exxy for my poor budget.  So I must make do with what is cheap, and available here in the backwater area of Tassie.

I have tried many, many pharmacy available brands, and all of the supermarket brands – but I have been most impressed by the Derma Q10 line, all of it costs $5 (night cream, day cream, eye cream and serum), and they are as good as the more expensive ones – the $30+ supermarket brands anyway, nothing I have ever met can touch OH.

I must admit though, I haven’t tried the serum – I haven’t been able to find it in stock – the other 3 things I use and have been for a few months.  They are brilliant, especially given the price point.  The only issue I have is finding stock.  They are sold only by Coles, and the local branch is woeful for skincare.

My exfoliant/mask of choice is a Freeman pineapple enzyme one, which works wonders as a multi-tasker.  $10 for a monster tube.

The other things I really like – which are also super cheap, are baby wipes for cleansing.  I used these even when I had my (sadly brief) encounter with OH; I was trying to make it last.  I use Coles brand alcohol-free unscented wipes; this lot I got 3 packs of 90 wipes each for $10.

I also have, hidden in my makeup bag (yeah, yeah, this is about skincare, not makeup, but this IS a skincare product) a Dove tinted moisturiser.  The light one – I use this with my Youngblood mineral foundation whenever I have an ‘event’ to attend – it gives a good coverage, and looks natural.

The only thing I currently own, which is even remotely exxy, is a tube of (gifted) Clarins Beauty Flash Balm – this stuff is the bomb, everyone should have it in their stash – it truly has earned it’s cult status as a must-have item.

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1 year to go!

Assuming that all the units I need are offered, that is.  I have 10 to pick up, and I am finished my degree – so 4 each semester, and 2 in the summer/winter schools.  Fingers crossed.

In other news, the weather sucks – yesterday was divine – hot, with a slight breeze. Today, rain, rain and more rain, with a bored 2 year old thrown in for good measure.  All I can say is, it better clear by tomorrow, 36 hours of bored 2 year old is NOT going to be fun.

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I love flowers

It’s spring, and things are blooming.  On my daily walks with the husband I see many, many beautiful flowers.  This makes me very happy, I love flowers – something I got from my maternal grandparents, I suspect.  They had a garden which was alive with colour and scent; lavender, both French and English, olde worlde roses, fuschias, hydrangeas, Sweet William, Canterbury belles, granny bonnets, carnations, Easter daisies, tiger lilies, lupins, sweet peas, delphiniums, cornflowers, hyacinths, and 2 types of wisteria.  Not to mention the fruit trees.  And the blackcurrant bushes.  And the pom pom trees……………

The only thing that stood, which wasn’t pretty or practical (or better yet both), was the old blue gum ‘stump’ (10 feet tall, 4 feet wide), right on the corner of the lawn/driveway, which no-one dared to brave, thanks to a giant bull ant nest buried deep inside it.  Although that was eventually buried by the honeysuckle, so it got there in the end.

So enamoured of flowers were they that they even had 2 roses climbing over the thunderbox – even after Nan got an inside lavatory, she kept the red and white roses (which had the most divine fragrance) over the thunderbox in good order.

So for me, the time of year when things start to blossom is a happy one; the promise of new life abounds, and the glorious scents and sights which spark happy memories, and make me smile.


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First barbecue of the season today

And it was great.  We met up with a friend, and some of his extended family at the beach for a barbie.  It was last minute, and very relaxed.  Just what I needed before my Environmental Policy exam tomorrow – not at all comfortable with this one.

On the upside, once this exam is over, I am holiday for a couple of months – and man am I going to enjoy the time off.  Until I get bored…………….

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Ok, so that worked well………….

……… or not.

I freely admit, I have failed.  But I have a damn good reason – a massive presentation on Monday (which went brilliantly) and an exam today – which I am sure I at least passed.

I have 1 exam to go (Tuesday) and a paper to finish (minor tweaks) and I am done for the year. And I could not be happier.

As much as I love school, and I do love school, I am just so damn tired.  I took an overload this semester, and it has been super tough.  Mainly because of the internship, the project was far larger than I thought it would be – actually, it turned out to be larger than anyone thought it would be -even the lecturer!  But, it’s done now, and it was good (the workplace was happy), and that is the main thing.

And you know what is REALLY sad?! I am thinking that, in 2 years, after I graduate, I may do Honours!  I think all this work has fried my brain!

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I missed a day – so much for every day, even if it’s just one sentence.

In my defence, I was utterly wiped out yesterday, revision for exams is kicking my butt.

Today, we spent a few hours with our grandson – who is 2.  We had lunch, took him to the park, and the beach (where he got soaked through) and then he had a wee kip on the way home, before settling in for an afternoon of Cars, before his dad rescued us all from each other.

As gorgeous as he is, and as much fun as we all have, I am always glad when he goes to his dad, he is well-behaved, but 2 is so exhausting!

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Sure enough………

………. today’s weather, both internal and external, has been much better.

Today, I gardened.  Or rather, weeded the garden. While listening to lectures. 2 birds, 1 stone.

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That about covers it; weather, mood, the lot.  Tomorrow, the sun will come out.

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Wipe it all away……….

Recently, my friend K, over at The Pink Powderpuff posted her thoughts on wipes for removing makeup, and general facial cleansing.  GlossQueen has also posted on these wonderful things.

Myself, I am a long-time fan of wipes – the are cheap, easy to use, and, for the most part, do a great job.  I’ve tried makeup removal specific wipes, which obviously cost a bit more than the average old ones I use now (baby wipes, alcohol and fragrance free), facial wipes, designed just for general cleansing, and as I said already, baby wipes.

My faves by far are the ones I am using now – a generic supermarket brand – I got 3 packs of 80 wipes on special for $10.  I use them morning and night, remove makeup with them, clean my grandson’s face with them, and even wipe up excess hair colour with them: I think they are fabulous – thick, soft and not too moist.

My biggest gripe with many wipes is the level of moisture they hold, I want them damp enough to do the job, but not dripping.  I also want a reasonable number in a pack, and the pack to be resealable, and not too bulky.  The 80 pack is clearly not appropriate for hauling in my bag, but the 10 pack is – I have 1 of those in my bag, and another in the car.

My skin, while going through it’s usual trans-seasonal crankiness, has remained relatively stable, and I have had no major issues since I started using wipes.  Cheap and effective – my kind of skincare.  Oh, and easy to acquire, no matter where you are. Perfect.

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